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UNIC Primary Care Centre UNIC Primary Care Centre

UNIC Primary Care Centre Opens

With the aim to serve the primary health care needs of the University of Nicosia (UNIC) community and the local population, the Medical School announces the opening of the first University Primary Care Centre (UPCC) in the country, under the newly introduced Cyprus National Health Care System (GESY).

The director and one of the primary care doctors of the centre is Evagoras Nicolaides, professor of postgraduate medicine, University of Nicosia Medical School.

The Centre will be a model primary care centre providing high quality services based on the UK system of a comprehensive, holistic and evidence-based approach to primary care practice.

The primary care team will be multidisciplinary and will include nurses, a pharmacist, an administrator and a laboratory assistant. The centre will also serve as a training ground for UNIC’s medical programmes.

The centre is temporarily housed at the Engomi Business Centre and by the end of September its permanent location will be at the UNIC Research and Technology Building.