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Wooden Signs Placed in Choirokoitia and Tochni

Visitors touring the two neighbouring semi-mountainous communities of Tochni and Choirokoitia can now easily navigate the main points of interest of the two villages, as wooden information signs have been placed at key points within the communities.

This improvement action was carried out by the community councils in collaboration with the Larnaca Tourism Board and was supported by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

 In addition to informing the visitor through this action, unknown points of interest have emerged such as the old quarry of Tochni and the remains of the church of the Holy Cross as well as the new Museum of Basket Weaving in Choirokoitia and the old olive mill.

 It is important to mention that the aesthetics of the space and the picturesqueness of the two traditional villages are not violated since the signs are made of wood and have a uniform character.

 The mentioned communities are two of the most important agro tourism villages of Larnaca province. Tochni holds the first place in agro tourism beds while Choirokoitia attracts the interest of several travel organisers for day trips.