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UNIC Department of Architecture: Virtual Exhibition

In a live online opening ceremony in the month of June, the Department of Architecture of the University of Nicosia (UNIC) launched its first ever virtual End-of-Year Exhibition.

During the ceremony, which doubled as an info session, participants were introduced to the vibrant events, activities and creative output of the department, as well as to the strengths of its interior design and architecture programmes.

The End-of-Year Exhibition is the most important and anticipated annual event of the department, typically taking place in its bespoke premises, the Architecture Research Centre (ARC).

This year, the department responded innovatively to the current situation by setting up a virtual exhibition space – an online duplicate of the ARC building – to host the 2019-2020 work.

Commenting on the development, Markella Menikou, head of the department, associate professor, noted that this was indicative of the department’s resilience and resourcefulness. She then went on to present an overview of the achievements of the department throughout the year, which among others included professor Yiorgos Hadjischristou’s Cyprus State Architecture Award 2019 in the category Outstanding Architectural Project.