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Savvas Perdios Savvas Perdios

College of Tourism and Hotel Management Concluded a Successful Seminar

A successful seminar was held at the Hilton Hotel which was organised by the College of Tourism and Hotel Management.

The event focussed on ‘Mediterranean Diet, Cypriot Cuisine and Tourism,’ which is a theme that is gaining more and more interest, stemming from tradition but reflecting the future in nutrition, tourism and the sustainable development of the environment.

The conference was addressed by Savvas Perdios, deputy minister of tourism, Cyprus, surrounded by a group of distinguished speakers.

The event was attended by MPs, representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture and Education, municipal advisers and a large number of people from the professional field of gastronomy, tourism, nutrition and a large audience.

Perdios, in his address emphasised the global importance of the Mediterranean diet model expressing his intention to support the Cypriot cuisine, while benefits to tourism can be given throughout our country if local gastronomy is promoted.

It was emphasised that Cyprus can become a more competitive tourist destination by highlighting the health and gastronomic benefits that may come from the local Cypriot products and dishes that make up the world-renowned Mediterranean diet.