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Mattei House-Larnaka Club Mattei House-Larnaka Club

Memories from the Mattei House-Larnaka Club

A new core of culture, as well as a quality tourist reference point, will be the restored Mattei House - former Larnaca Club. The Mattei House will soon operate under the Municipality of Larnaca as a ‘Multipurpose Center for Creativity and Culture’.

The project will greatly enrich the offered tourist product of Larnaca as well as the tourist experience of locals and foreigners, since visitors will be able to see the  construction of traditional works of folk art live, such as Leukarite embroidery, Athenian lace, basket weaving and Liva other arts that are intertwined with the cultural heritage of the city and province of Larnaca.

 As a result, the Larnaka Tourism Board recently undertook, with the support of the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism, to cover part of the costs for equipping the new site.

 The building is one of the most important buildings in Larnaca and is intertwined with the course of the city. That is why it was deemed useful to create a mini documentary in which the history of the house is presented through interviews, including by people who experienced the Club during its various periods.