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Museum of Bees and Embroidery Museum of Bees and Embroidery

The Museum of Bee and Embroidery Presents a Gourmet Experience

The Museum of Bees and Embroidery has welcomed this September an event on its site offering a public pie with honey or honeycomb.

The honeycomb is a product of the bee consisting of hexagonal wax cells in which the bees store honey and pollen.
Honeycomb is the first derivative that beekeepers export when they start their beekeeping work and is a dessert with beneficial properties.

In Cyprus, 120 flowers have been recorded from which bees take the nectar to convert it to honey. The Kato Dry area has the advantage of gathering 117 of the 120 bee plants in Cyprus.

The beneficial rains of 2018 have given our island immense blooming and as a result this has given abundant and excellent quality honey production this year.

Bees travel long distances to collect nectar, and beekeepers work constantly to protect their bees from all dangers. Harvest season runs from June to September where beekeepers collect honey stocks.