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Paphos, Cyprus Paphos, Cyprus Mario Santana

World Heritage Site of Paphos Featured in World Heritage Journeys

World Heritage Site of Paphos was selected as one of 34 World Heritage sites in the EU featured in World Heritage Journeys sustainable travel web platform.

The Department of Antiquities and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation announce their participation in World Heritage Journeys, developed by UNESCO in collaboration with National Geographic, for the creation of a web platform dedicated to the promotion of sustainable travel to some of the most remarkable World Heritage sites in Europe. The initiative is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and features 34 selected World Heritage sites spread across 19 EU countries.

The Department of Antiquities and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation have been working in collaboration with UNESCO and National Geographic for over 18 months to develop inspiring and educational content to be featured on the platform. UNESCO has decided to include Paphos in the cultural heritage itinerary of romantic Europe, as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Combined with other World Heritage destinations of romantic nature, the objective is to highlight the significance of Paphos’ archaeological and cultural heritage, in conjunction with other local values, such as the ones embedded in the unique nature, gastronomy, and hospitality, encountered in the broader region.

The promotion of these assets, as a whole, will attract visitors, and contribute in the sustainable growth of the island, and most importantly the reinforcement of the relationship between heritage and society. The information provided on the website, following the guidelines posed by UNESCO and National Geographic, is given in an attractive manner, and aims at establishing a bridge towards this end, by highlighting these values to locals and to people from abroad, deriving from different cultural contexts. This project also marks the close collaboration between the Department of Antiquities and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation aiming at further developing cultural tourism in Cyprus.