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Cyprus Passenger Survey for May not Conducted

Following the decrees published by the Government of Cyprus and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the Cyprus Passengers Survey, which provides data on tourist arrivals, revenue from tourism and the returns of residents of Cyprus from a trip abroad, was not conducted in May of this year.

Due to this reason, the relevant press releases and corresponding tables will not be published. Arrivals of tourists and revenue from tourism among the measures taken, an entry ban in the Republic of Cyprus was imposed on several categories of persons, including tourists, as of March 15.

As a result, during May of this year, there were no arrivals of tourists and hence no revenue from tourism. Returns of residents of Cyprus according to estimates based on information provided by the civil aviation, a total of 5,500 residents of Cyprus returned from abroad this May. The civil aviation data do not provide the possibility of a more detailed analysis.