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Michalis Dimosthenous Michalis Dimosthenous

AKAREA in the Cyprus Hotel Industry

Michalis Dimosthenous, managing director, Elpis Tourism & Hospitality Seminars, portrays his views on the affects of a client’s stay at any hotel unit.

According to Dimosthenous, a stay at a hotel could result in food poisoning, various diseases, noise pollution, unprofessionalism in the services offered, and many others instances that can affect and annoy the customer certain standards are not maintained.

Dimosthenous article will deal with the problem that occupies clients during their stay in hotels, which made them also take care of the sensitive area of mattress hygiene and its cleaning without chemicals.

Dimosthenous said, “So let us start with how the problem arises by making a brief reference to what AKAREA is, how it develops, how it becomes dangerous to health, and concluding with how to ‘get rid of it’ in the right and safe way.”

ACAREA is a microorganism that is not visible to the naked eye because it feeds on dead skin cells that are normally excreted daily from the body and become food for them during sleep. The ideal conditions for their growth and multiplication are relative humidity of 55-75 percent and at a temperature of 20-30 degrees celsius.

Their concentrations depend on environmental conditions and are usually contained in a ratio of 200 to 500 ACAREA per gram of dust but in some cases. Can reach 20,000 / gram. Their lifespan is about 40 to 45 months and females give birth to 25 to 30 new ACAREAs during their lifetime.

The most common symptoms are: Nasal congestion, asthma, hernia, allergic rhinitis, redness of the eyes, itching, skin irritation, cough and in more severe cases cause episodes of shortness of breath.

The danger, however, is not the AKAREO itself, but its feces. Each ACAREO produces about 20 bullets of feces per day. If we take into account that its lifespan is about 42 hours, it means that it produces a total of 840 pieces of them.

In fact, this amount is 200 times greater than its own weight. The feces contain ingredients that cause allergies. That is, when inhaled as a fine powder but also coming in contact with your skin, they can cause various allergic symptoms.

After a thorough research to find solutions to the mattress consolidation, we noticed that the well-known methods and practices of cleaning the mattresses in steam or liquid cleaning, even in chemicals, contradict the terms of the manufacturers without bringing the desired result. But on the contrary, in many cases they have contributed to the deterioration of the problem.

All the professionals who provide hosting services know that the manufacturers of mattresses explicitly state that the mattresses should not be washed and steam should not be used as their warranty ceases to be due to damage to the mattress materials due to temperature, humidity, etc. Also, when using liquids, moisture is trapped inside the mattresses, resulting in the growth of mold and allergenic microorganisms.

Based on all the above, looking for solutions without the use of liquids and vapours worldwide, we identified, and after research we came up with the innovative method based in Florida, US.

In 20 years of experience and specialisation exclusively in the consolidation of mattresses and other textile surfaces, in a number of studies, research and presence in more than 90 countries, and the provision of services in hotels, hospitals, camps, homes, etc.

The whole process is 100 percent ecological, inactivating and eliminating allergens and pathogens without chemicals.

Maintaining the healthy condition of the mattresses and pillows throughout the operation is achieved by using the ecological allergen Ani allergen of ECOLOGY WORKS (specialising in the 100 percent ecological control of the anti-allergenic solutions of allergens and allergens).

So you complete and achieve the continuous inactivation of allergens during the operation of the unit.The whole cleaning process requires a lot of attention, and requires the proper use of equipment and training of operators.

The services offered by Hygienitech for consolidation are ISO certified, applied exclusively by trained staff of Ascira Ltd, the exclusive representative of Hygienitech for Cyprus.