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Anastasiadou Anastasiadou

Vassiliki Anastasiadou

Vassiliki Anastasiadou, minister, transport, Cyprus, spoke at the signing ceremony of the first memorandum of cooperation of the ministry of economy and finance with the municipalities and communities of the Limassol for upgrading the bus stops and shelters.

“I welcome you to today's event, during which the first memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and municipalities and communities in Limassol will be signed to build modern bus stops and shelters and upgrade the relevant infrastructure.

As the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, we have undertaken and are in the process of implementing significant and far-reaching actions to upgrade public transport island-wide. Following the completion of the first round of Open Consultations and as a result of these, we are currently taking an encouraging step: the signing of the first memorandum of understanding to upgrade the Stations / Shelters in Limassol.

This memorandum paves the way for structured co-operation between the two parties to create an investment plan and to implement the much needed modern public transport infrastructure. Our goal is always to serve the needs of the public wishing to use public transport.

In particular, with regard to the actions already underway and supporting the implementation of the memorandum, I would like to mention that the Ministry of Finance has already announced a competition for the design of stops and shelters. Also, the recording of all the stops and shelters around Cyprus has been completed, and the database that is absolutely necessary for the creation of the aforementioned investment programme and the subsequent management of these infrastructures has been created.

In the next few months, the ministry’s cooperation with you will intensify and I expect it will include extensive consultation on the design of the standard attitude, as well as the formulation and signing of a detailed Service Level Agreement, which will actually promote the implementation of the investment plan.

On the one hand, we are upgrading our services to the citizens and the inhabitants of the communities, and on the other, we are pushing for infrastructure and development projects, thus enhancing the economy of our country.”