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Limassol Limassol

Cyprus: Mystery Shopper for Hotels to be Contracted

The Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism recently announced that they will carry out secret checks and assessments on the island’s hotel industry.

The preliminary announcement details how Cyprus is seeking to attract premium tourists and increase the sector’s contribution to the economy.

There also appears to be a focus on improving the sustainability of the sector, speaking of ‘value for money’ initiatives.

The announcement also repeatedly mentions ‘fierce competition’ in the Mediterranean region, from both old and new destinations.

In an effort to keep up with the pace of the changing industry, the ministry is seeking to improve the competitiveness of the destination, by upgrading the tourism product and experience.

Tenders will be launched, and the chosen company will carry out professional ‘mystery shopping’ which aims to test a business’ quality of service. A person from the company will act as a customer and rate their experience based on pre-determined criteria to rank the various hotels.

They hope to achieve these goals by asking the company to issue star rating reviews which will place hotels in different categories and will be valid for three years.

If a business receives unsatisfactory rating of over 15 percent in the various sub-categories then the hotel will be downranked.